The pandemic COVID-19 outbreak has very badly affected every industry alike. So far, there is no clarity on how and when this monster will settle. If the pandemic continues, the business enterprises will be forced to derive and execute new business models to survive.

As expected, many are re-evaluating their digital marketing strategy and budgets in light of the uncertain economic situation. However, it is the apt time for the brands to strategize and plan for the future.

Scopes of digital marketing during and after COVID19

A recent study in the United States indicated that the life of almost 90% of people has changed as a result of COVID-19. The water is still muddy, and marketers are yet to derive a clear strategy as the effectiveness of the traditional digital marketing strategies is doubtful. That does not mean ‘the end’ but it is the opportunity to meet the demand of new world order.

As people were put under worldwide lockdown, the time spent on the Internet increased like never before. Therefore, now is the right time to promote brands on the Internet where the customers are hooked on. Let’s re-evaluate the present digital marketing possibilities and update digital strategies and plans. Here are a few tips which would help a digital marketer in the time of crisis and post-crisis.

Know the new trends and consumer behaviour

As a result of the COVID 19 lockdown, most people are working from home, learning online, and spending more time online than usual. For digital marketers, this is the right time to rearrange and plan digital strategies.

Therefore it is important for digital marketers to keep an eye on their consumer behaviours and need to change their campaigns accordingly.

Impacts on the various business firms

It is a fact that business organizations across the world are facing a slowdown in business due to the pandemic. At the same time, some businesses are performing well. For instance, Zoom, a global enterprise video communication solution, came forward as the most downloaded business app in India in March second week. The travel insurance falls in demand as a result of all the travel restrictions, but the demand for medical and health insurance increased by 35-40 percent on online platforms in India.

As consumer behaviour change, the entire business behaviour change too. Some industries were well balanced for shifting market, but many are not. As more information emerges and trends become apparent, you will get a clear picture that there is a wide opportunity for small businesses must focus on their online presence. Moreover, Google search traffic is increasing too much since the COVID-19 outbreak, so it is the right time for all business enterprises to make ensure their online presence.

Digital marketing trends during COVID19

The pandemic COVID 19 formulated many changes in the behaviours of the digital sectors. However, here it’s clear that the upcoming future is digital. So let’s check out how important and innovative digital marketing is during this emergency period.

1. Focus to design a simple website

A good company website is the foundation of your online presence. If you’re small business doesn’t need to have a complex website, and you can create a basic website initially showcasing all basic info about your business. Google supports small businesses with a free website builder. Process your site landing pages and be sure you’re optimizing the landing pages for Google.

2. Get your business on Google My Business

As COVID-19 temporarily closed down the businesses, people are forced to turn to Google to ensure that businesses open during these crisis times. With a Google My Business account, you can show your business time, office address, and other information. You can even review the Google search and Google Maps. Also, you can post a notice about any changes your customers should know about your business operations.

3. Increase customer social media engagement

The pandemic and the associated lockdown have created uncertainties for enterprises. Some are open, some are partly-open while some are still unable to function. People will try to find you on Google, some will check your websites while others will be looking on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. To keep your customers updated about your availability, be sure to create a free business page on social media platforms.

4. Get your products online with Amazon selling center

Due to the restrictions put in place in the wake of the virus outbreak, business in traditional retail has slowed down, while opening immense possibilities for E-commerce.

Presently, many E-commerce platforms are available to sell your product online and, the Amazon selling centre is one of the best platforms to sell your products. Once your products listed online, ensure that to optimize your Google shopping feed by following simple best practices for product titles, descriptions, images, and to confirm that buyers can easily find your products online.

5. Uphold your business online

Digital marketing provides a wide range of opportunities to uphold your business with simple tools. Digital tools like search engine optimization and social media can create additional dealings and lead your business to the next level of success. Advertising through social media platforms can make plenty of extra lead, sale, and loyal customers with a small budget. Google ad helps to reach your target audience when they search for your keywords and pay when interested customers click on your ads. Furthermore, you can reach your audience by Google Maps, display ads, and YouTube.

Facebook ad is another big opportunity to reach your target audience on social media. Facebook advertisers can create an interested audience at a very low cost.

The extraordinary situation demands extraordinary actions to survive. This is the right time to think about innovative digital plans and strategies to overcome the current business crisis.

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