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The evolution of Codetok as digital marketing and lead generation marketing expert is dated back to the year 2009. The forerunner of the company,, was established as the provider of solutions for online world. Later, this company was acquired by Adreiya Business Solutions, which offers IT and Digital Solutions. Codetok IT Solutions was established in the year 2017 offering end-to-end solutions for Information Technology Industry. The company has been providing IT releated services including Mobile App Development, Front End Development etc. Understanding the importance of digital revolution happening in the Industry, Codetok has extended its services to include digital solutions in its portfolio. In 2019, Codetok IT Solutions has acquired Adreiya Business Solutions to accomodate digital business into its service portfolio.

Adreiya Business Solutions was providing various digital marketing services to clients to aquire B2B business growth in the digital world. The services include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management & Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing etc. The company also had three brands to serve these purposes.

Viralmatters was one of its major service arm, which promote videos and news related content in the online arena. Digitalkz was content providing services with keen focus on providing content marketing and strategy.Funowl media was its creative and media solution services offering creative graphics elements, photography solutions to its clients.

Codetok one of the best digital marketing company now offers digital transformation solutions with a keen focus in Lead Generation Marketing. Codetok works on the business process of analysing the business, then discovering the best solutions and implementing those solutions in the business to achieve hypergrowth. The marketing strategies and growth hacking techniques suggested by our certified digital marketing experts help every businesses to grow and achieve growth earlier than expected.

A career with codetok is more than applying their skills and expertise towards providing quality digital marketing services, but also helps to enhance your knowledge base

Our Vision

To provide complete digital marketing services with a commitment to ROI

Our Mission

To operate and manage marketing strategies of businesses through digital marketing solutions in affordable means

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