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A virtual chief marketing officer (VCMO) uses various marketing strategies to help your business grow. They derive various marketing plans and review each step to ensure that they are on the right track to success. 

Investing in a virtual CMO has become a new norm in the modern-day business models. Experiences have proved that virtual CMO is cost-effective, less time-consuming and requires minimal resources.

Furthermore, a virtual CMO reduces pressure on executives and allows them to focus on their performance. 

A combination of virtual CMO and physical marketing efforts can together generate a very good business model. They have access to a broad network of resources to execute various components of your overall marketing strategy.

Codetok, the best digital agency, has introduced Virtual Chief Marketing services to help small-medium enterprises. Codetok Virtual CMO helps start-ups, small business entities to have their digital CMOs at work within an affordable package. 

The role of Virtual CMOs is

To define online marketing strategies for your products or services,

To design campaigns

To plan and execute new productive online marketing strategies for your business

To manage the team of digital marketers

We provide vibrant virtual CMO solutions for making your brand shine on all digital platforms.


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