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Text marketing or SMS marketing is a simple and active way to increase customer reliability or initiative demand. Team Codetok, the best digital marketing agency in India executes quality text marketing promotion to bring extra mileage to your brand. It is important, now more than ever, to get in front of the right users at the right time with the right product. With the availability of choice across digital media, marketers must derive multi-channel campaigns to capture the full prospective audience when they are at the right point of the buying cycle and ready to engage. Quality use of text marketing upholds your business into heights. However, it can include as an easy way in digital platforms. Some of the text marketing qualities are,
• It provides unrivaled open rates, with some 98% of people opening texts you know your message will see in your target audience. Wide-spread acceptance of the text marketing aid to makes a powerful audience because the text is a mature channel and used widely, providing volume in addition to open rates.

• Target content has a significant role in text marketing. So always keen to create different messages based on the interests and challenges faced by your respective customer segments for greater response.
• With this text marketing, two-way communication, survey, and alert products available text anywhere can support in multi-channel campaigns.
• Short link messages are more useful in text marketing. So include links to campaign landing pages for a consistent experience.

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