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Codetok enables its clients to have access to the latest advertisement platform, Truecaller advertisements. Truecaller is the best advertisement platform with verified features. Moreover, it is turning out to be an ideal place to boost SMS based advertisements.
Social media advertising is on the rise and businesses are turning more into paid advertisements. In the past, Facebook and Google ads were the main social platforms when it came to the advertisement. Now, with transformed channels booming up, many channels have included advertisements in their platforms.
Presently, the Truecaller digital platform has more than 200 million users in the world and more than 100 million users in India. And that makes it one of the powerful platforms for businesses and brands to achieve their target audience on mobile and promote their marketing messages.
The Truecaller digital platform helps businesses and brands precisely target their adverts and engage with their target market/consumers using a custom audience.
Many big and small scale enterprises are using Truecaller Ads as one of the leading channels of Mobile Advertising. Codetok, digital the full-fledged digital service supports all Truecaller services.

Key Features

  • Mobile device based advertisements
  • Micro geo location based ads
  • Easy Bookings for Impressions
  • In-line Call list based ads

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