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WhatsApp, the popular social media, allows sending messages, pictures, videos, and voice recordings over the Internet. Codetok helps our clients to increase business through a viable digital marketing approach.

WhatsApp is a social media platform that helps to exchange messages across different mobility platforms, giving businesses a tool to communicate with their customers by media-rich WhatsApp messages, as different from traditional text messages.

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp for Business, where business personals can separate personal and professional chats. With the new addition, businesses can now integrate WhatsApp into their business and manage client communication more effectively. Through WhatsApp, you will be able to offer customer service in real-time.

This service helps to improve customer service and also ensures direct and personalized advice to your users. Codetok makes sure all WhatsApp related services to achieve the best goal of your business. It may also be a good idea to use WhatsApp Web to optimize your service. Using all WhatsApp services will allow you to provide unparalleled support to your users.

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