When you are encircled with a lot of information, you often get stuck, or when you don’t know what you are doing is right or wrong, you finish up doing a lot of unwanted things. The same thing happens when you choose social media platforms to promote business. There are plenty of social media platforms available today for digital marketing, but choosing the right media opens the door to success. Read ahead to find out solutions for your dilemma.

The new trendy social platform Instagram has more than one billion users. It gives importance to high-quality visuals and it is ideal for showcasing products. Now it’s the place for shopping, too.

Reports show that nearly 60 percent of users, which mean, more than 500 million people, look for new products on Instagram. The Instagram Shopping allows brands to tag products directly in posts, and stories, helping to lead customers to the item they want to purchase. The recently introduced Checkout feature makes shopping easier by allowing users to make purchases directly in the app.

Statistics show that there are nearly 800 million monthly active users on Instagram. Experiences have proved that this application can make the fast promotion of your products, services or anything you want to sell with others by using the visual focus.

How to promote the boutique business through Instagram

We are now familiar with the e-buying of apparel. Instagram is one of those popular social media platforms which connect a buyer to a seller. The majority of global active Instagram users are aged 34 years or younger. They are more receptive to fashion, apparel, and clothing brands compared to other age groups. They follow trends and have buying power and therefore they are the potential buyers.

If you are a textile seller and new to digital commerce, we recommend Instagram to you to promote your brand successfully. For boutiques, clothing, and fashion brands, Instagram is a prime channel, because of the nature of people hanging out there. Visitors on Instagram often look for fashion and lifestyle. By creating a loyal audience on Instagram, and engaging with them properly, you can turn your dream about boutique into reality.

Now, I will share some essential marketing tips you need to know when on Instagram.


Similar to any other social media platform, creating an attractive profile is the first step in Instagram marketing. A good looking profile is a door to reach out to you. So, always keep it well-managed and responsive.

On any channel, and more so on Instagram, you must ensure your profile is highly optimized. This means you have to think hard and long about the cover images and description of your brand. You can ask your followers to “Tag us with #yourbrandname” to create an extra level of engagement with your followers.


Whenever you share a post on your Instagram account, always make sure that it connected to your brand in one way or another. If you want people to relate a special lifestyle and philosophy with your brand, then, all your posts have to follow some unique form of the special element.Use catchy titles and descriptions and most importantly add a decent amount of related hashtags to ensure that your brand gets maximum reach.

Also, extend brand-specific hashtags for each of your items or collections, and each time you post about that item or collection, use that hashtag along with others. If someone buys that item and posts on Instagram, they may be tempted to use the brand-specific hashtag, or you can encourage them to do it.


When posting your product or other photos, attempt and achieve a look and feel that is consistent throughout your Instagram updates. This can be achieved through the consistent use of one or more filters. Or, you can create a unique look that does not rely on the standard filters and add transparencies.


Video content scores a lot of engagement. Shoot short clips of your clothing items and post those videos on Instagram. This will aid to make your brand genuine and also can build a strong relationship with your audience.


Giveaway contests are commonly accepted on Instagram, and the reach of this contest is quite high. For a comparatively short investment of your product, you can gain a lot of brand exposure. You can either offer a good deal of your products directly or can gift a card or coupon that can be used in your online store.


Try to keep post an update that thanking and mentioning your top followers. Find the followers who engage with your brand the most and make it known to them. Try to keep following their Instagram accounts and like their updates and post comments wherever apposite.


Do something that most other brands do not follow. Help other brands in your sector to find exposure on Instagram by sharing their updates. By mentioning and promoting other brands, they, in turn, will mention yours, and it creates a networking effect.

Marketing on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is a long game, and you need patience and consistency to see results. But you will get a high result at a low cost than any other form of the marketing promotion system.

If you like to get any advice or help with Instagram marketing or other social media platforms, feel free to contact us!

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